Wednesday, April 13, 2011

What I’m loving: beauty products!




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I decided to switch it up this week and write about some of the products that I’m addicted to.  Most of my friends will say that I have a little product problem.  I could spend hours and lots of $ in Sephora.  I’m also a sucker for beauty counters at department stores.  Not sure if anyone else out there does this but, when I go into a store that sells makeup and I’m looking for something new, I have to scope out the women working and see who has the best makeup on their face.  (forgive my run-on sentences today)  Is that mean of me?!  I’ve also come to the realization recently that, let’s face it (no pun intended!) I’m not getting any younger and if looker younger requires some more expensive products, than that’s ok!  Here are some of my favorites- Enjoy!


The only mascara that builds up my blonde lashes!  I swear by it and absolutely LOVE it! It makes them look so full!

Lancôme- Hypnose Drama




This one is a recent find.  When I came back from Mexico last month, my skin was flaking and dry from the sun and of course I had a wedding the next day.  I needed a quick fix and headed to the trusty lady at Lancôme again.  I put this on my skin a few times a day, works like magic!




Moroccan Oil is a lifesaver for me.  For some reason in the winter my hair gets super dry, sometimes I feel like it looks like hay.  :(  But if I use a nickel sized amount of this stuff, my hair sucks it up so quickly and makes a huge difference!  Try it if your hair is dry!




Another hair repair product that I swear by is from L’Oreal Professional, Expert Series.  My hairdresser made me try it.  It’s basically a mask for your hair, I put it on after shampooing and leave in it for like 5-10 minutes then rinse.  I tend to save this one for weekends!  I can usually get my hair super smooth after using it.




I don’t know about where you live, but winter/spring up here in Boston can take a toll on your skin.  Dry skin is not cute and moisturizing is essential!  Everyday after the shower I have to moisturize my whole body and then still apply more to my hands throughout the day.  I LOVE Neutrogena Moisture Wrap body lotion. Works the best right after the shower!



  1. Anyone reading me her lashes are bomb. If you have blonde lashes you NEED that mascara.

  2. I have SUPER dry hair! I wish I had known about that product this winter :)