Wednesday, June 8, 2011

What I’m Loving Wednesday!


Hello everyone!  I apologize for being gone for 3 weeks but, I’ve been super busy.


In the past 3 weeks I’ve had my boyfriend Jimmy’s surprise 30th, we moved into a new place (which was a nightmare and took forever), a recital to attend, cookout for my newly engaged friends, my mom’s birthday, dinners with friends, watching some serious Bruins games, NKOTBSB concert and a Jason Aldean & Eric Church concert.  So here I am finally 3 weeks later with a new blog post!






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I’m LOVING that Jimmy’s surprise party was successful!  Here’s a few pictures from that night-




I’m LOVING that the Bruins have made it to the Stanley Cup Finals!  Seriously LOVE LOVE LOVE this.

Just wish Horton was able to play, not a fan of the way these Canucks are playing.




I’m LOVING that the New Kids on the Block make me feel as if I’m a little girl again.  I still have such a huge crush on Joey McIntyre!  How hot is he?!




I’m LOVING that Jason Aldean brought some of the Red Sox players up on stage with him!  You can read it about it here!



I’m LOVING these things from Anthropologie!  I need to stay clear of that store for a while.  I rarely buy anything full price there because they have the most amazing sale room.  But these necklaces are making me weak.  Maybe I’ll try to recreate them on my own!




I’m also LOVING  the Instagram app on my iPhone.  You can add really cool affects to make your pictures look vintage, black and white, and other cool options.  Here are some pictures that I’ve done-

photo 1photo 2photo 3photo 4




Wednesday, May 18, 2011

What I’m Loving Wednesday!




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I’m LOVING that the Bruins won last night!  I feel bad for this hottie though, Patrice Bergeron.  Can’t play because of his concussions.  I may be biased but, I think we have the hottest hockey players on the Bruins!




I’m LOVING that my boyfriend is finally home from Miami.  Only to leave me again on Friday, booo!




I’m LOVING that I get the keys to my new place this weekend!




I’m LOVING this dress that I bought at the Loft last weekend.




I’m LOVING that I spent the whole day Saturday with my Nana.  How cute is she?!




I’m LOVING I’m getting a manicure and pedicure on Saturday morning.  Can’t wait.  I’ll probably go with Hot & Spicy.  I’m a little obsessed with any coral color.


Monday, May 16, 2011

Vintage Jewelry.


I’m a sucker for any kind of jewelry but, vintage jewelry is my favorite!  I secretly try to think of the person that once wore it and what their life was like.  Some pieces I find remind me of my Grandma and her flashy jewelry collection, which I loved as a kid.  I was driving in Newton the other day and was stopped at a red light and to the right of me was not one but two antique stores!  I found 3 pieces at each place! 


Loved this funky little design.  Looks like some sort of tribal thing to me.  I think it would look cute with an ivory tank that I bought in Nashville.



I’m a huge fan of anything nautical.  Maybe a bit obsessed, so when I saw this United States Navy anchor pin, I couldn’t resist.  I plan on putting a skinny long gold chain through the little circle  at the top to make it a necklace.  The lady that worked there told me it’s from WWII.  She said ladies would wear a pin to represent which branch of the service their husbands were in.  How cute.



Who doesn’t love some gold bangles?!  These are super cute.  They kind of look like tree branches.  Love how skinny they are! 



Once again, these remind me of some nautical knots.  And anything nautical= Lindsay will buy.  So I took these babies home with me also!



These last two necklaces are basically identical to Kate Spade’s women for women necklace.  I’m not sure who made the necklaces I bought but, women in Rwanda hand make all of the beaded necklaces that Kate Spade sells in this collection.  Here is a side by side to see how similar they are!


Wednesday, May 11, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

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I'm LOVING this new Preppy Knit Sweater that I got at Forever 21 this weekend.  I love the price even more, it was only $14.80!

I'm also LOVING this Faceted Cocktail Ring that I got at Forever 21.  It was only $2.80!

I'm LOVING my new blog layout, it's much  more me!  Do you like it?!

I'm really LOVING this striped monogram phone cover from Marley Lilly and reallllly want to order it even though my sweet boyfriend just bought me a Kate Spade one!

I'm LOVING that when I move I finally get to hang up my Boston neighborhood print!  I bought it from Etsy and was having a hard time finding a frame for it.  I can't wait to move in 2 weeks and hang this baby up!  FYI- there are lots of other city prints as well! 

I'm LOVING this Holliston Cuff from adjewelry on Etsy.  She also has a blog that is great!  I've met her a few times at the SOWA market in the South End here in Boston.  She makes amazing jewelry!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Target Tuesday!

I decided to join in and show my new purchases from Target.  I kind of have an obsession with the new Calypso St. Barth Target line

Last week I bought this, the Medallion Print Crochet-Bib Tunic, I absolutely LOVE it.  It’s so comfy and the silk feels amazing.

I am loving the jewelry.  It seems as if the Target I went to had slim pickings but I was still able to find the two pieces that I knew I wanted.

The one thing I wanted from this line but they don’t sell it in the stores is the Print Dress in Pita Bread.  I’m so torn about getting it though because the reviews are awful.  Everyone says that it’s too see-through.  What to do, what to do?!
Isn’t it so cute?!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

What I’m Loving Wednesday!


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I’m LOVING these words to live by, so much that I posted them on my blog on the side too!



I’m LOVING that I’m getting my hair cut and highlighted on Saturday.  Seriously can’t wait, it’s been almost 3 months.


I’m LOVING that this weekend is Mother’s Day and I’m going out to dinner with my mom and nana!


I’m LOVING that I got these 2 books at Borders for only $18.  I’m not loving that Borders is going out of business though.  My heart broke for the old man working.



I’m LOVING that I get to go home, relax and watch the Bruins game with this guy!



I’m LOVING my friend’s husband came home from Iraq yesterday!  Welcome Home James!


I’m LOVING that we’ll be moving into an amazing condo in 3 weeks!  It’s so cute, can’t wait!


I’m LOVING these three duvet covers from West Elm and can’t decide on which one I want?! Which one do you prefer?



I’m also LOVING this song- LOVE Billy Currington!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011



Hey y’all! Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend.  I spent my weekend in Nashville cheering on my friend Nancy in the marathon!  Nashville is such a cute little city.  I stayed at the Wyndham Union Station Hotel, the staff were the friendliest bunch ever.  SO helpful!  Here are a few cool pictures of the hotel. 



Rumor has it that it’s haunted, so we decided to go on a little ghost hunt after a few drinks.  I took a picture and this appeared!-


More pictures from Nashville-