Wednesday, March 23, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday

Hey guys! I wanted to try and make this a daily blog but, I'm failing!  I need to get back on track. Hope I manage to get some followers and really start this going!  I've been super busy lately but, I promise I'm back.

I can't believe it's Wednesday already!  I've always loved reading blogs that participate in what I'm loving Wednesday, so I think I'm gonna try it today!

Some things that I'm loving-

I'm LOVING that my handsome boyfriend finished his first 5k this past weekend! (in 27:26) I'm so proud of him!  I'd show you a picture from the race but I can't find my camera cord :(  So here's a regular ol' picture of him.
    I'm LOVING that I get to see all of the girls on Sunday for bridesmaid dress shopping for Michele's big day!  Here's a sneak peak of what we're going to check out.
    I'm LOVING that 3 weeks from tomorrow, I'll be in sunny Florida!
    My hotel pool!  Can't wait!
    I'm LOVING that Tory Burch designed a Japan Relief T-Shirt and that 100% of the proceeds will go directly to American Red Cross to benefit the tsunami and earthquake relief efforts.


  1. Love, love, love those dresses! I wish that was the color I'm wearing for a wedding this summer, but it's not! It's corn flower blue! :P

  2. Great things that you are loving today!!!

  3. Can you pack me in your suitcase and take me with you to FL? I need out of here! Immediately.